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What’s an Aussie Wedding Like During COVID Pandemic?

Times have significantly changed since 2020 when the Covid pandemic began. But not everything can be ceased and somehow, people have found a way around the current situation. Brisbane wedding photography and couples who have scheduled exchanging “I dos” in the months after lockdowns and strict health protocols were imposed already seen the light. The wedding industry has started to get back on track, while still being very careful to follow standard health practices.

Getting married soon? Then, you have got to see the whole picture, so to speak. You have to understand the changes that are being imposed, including the dos and don’ts. And rules cover everything, from the catering to Brisbane wedding photography. If you want to make everything perfect, close to what you picture your milestone to be, you need to keep tabs on those notes and make sure you obey them.

General rules about weddings in Australia

There may be specific, stricter guidelines that are imposed from one state to another and there may be changes any time, what with the uncertainty of the dreaded virus. But generally, the following rules must be noted, as you start work with your vendors and Brisbane wedding photography.

  • Venues cannot be used in full capacity. So you either need to trim down your guests or plan your seating arrangement carefully. A maximum of 10 per table is often the rule.
  • Choose to sit people who are from the same household or family, whenever possible.
  • must map out their shoot, making sure everyone keeps at least a 3-meter distance from one another in the snapshots. 
  • Family-style catering, which means there’s a buffet table spread where people get food onto their plate, is not allowed at this time. Sit-down service is much preferred.
  • In some states, it is also not allowed to serve with glassware and cutlery. So you better check if your venue or your state commands otherwise.
  • Singing and dancing may be discouraged, as this would mean close contact between guests. In other states, both may be allowed but with strict compliance to the 3-meter or the one person per 2 square meters rule.
  • There must be a record of the names and contact details of everyone who will be participating in the wedding, from the entourage to the guests to the suppliers to those who will handle wedding photography in Brisbane. Such record must be kept for at least four weeks and must also be presented to the Chief Health Office.
  • Anyone who feels unwell or who has symptoms of Covid-19 must not be allowed to attend the wedding.
  • Health and hygiene protocols must be practiced throughout the event.

It may be more challenging now to stage a wedding at the face of uncertainty but nothing should stop you from starting a life together with the person you earnestly love. You can still have your dream wedding, if only you will follow strict government guidelines regarding social affairs.

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