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If you believe in the power of the camera lens, then you’ve come to the right place. My name is Ermene Khaber, a professional photographer with over two decades of experience in documentary photography. I consider myself a citizen of the world having travelled countless places all for the love of this profession and calling. I have a profound love for film photography despite migrating most of my work to digital. While I admire people who enjoy this as a hobby, I take a bow to the countless professionals like me and those who have come before me that make this job special. Imogen Cunningham, Edward Western, Steve McCurry, and Anne Leibovitz are just some of the names that have transformed the photography landscape.

I have exposed myself to different kinds of photography in the past: from working part time in a photo processing lab to assisting in high fashion photo shoots. I truly found my niche in documentary photography after taking an assignment for a journalist friend in Rwanda. The rawness and uniqueness of their culture has opened me to a new world of taking my profession into something more. It was to show the reality that others do not see, to shed light to issues that other keep in the dark. Since then, I have had countless assignments all over the world, from documenting the fall of the Berlin Wall to the death of Princess Diana. I’ve witnessed the beauty of Tibet and wandered in the ruins of Cambodia. I’ve captured photos of the People Power Revolution in the Philippines and the royal visit of then Royal couple Prince Charles and Princess Diana to Australia.

Today, even if I take lesser assignments and have partially retired from the work that has given me so much, I continue to teach photography. This blog is one way to share my experience to you all so you may also find in yourself to use the power of photography to share our reality, use it to pursue a worthy cause and ultimately, to celebrate life and humanity.

Remember that you need not a powerful camera to capture the best photo. I started with the cheapest SLR a working-class father could buy for her daughter. What truly matters is your intent because the photographer’s intent will always reflect in your work. My intent is always to let my subject speak through my image. Whether it be a person, a tree, or an animal. There is so much to learn in photography so feel free to browse this website to begin learning!

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